The Critical Importance Of Commercial Property Surveys: Five Key Instances

Posted on: 1 May 2024

Commercial property surveys are essential tools in the realm of real estate, offering detailed insights and crucial data about a piece of land or building. These surveys serve as a foundation for making informed decisions, whether you're buying, selling, developing, or simply managing a commercial property. Here are five instances when obtaining a commercial property survey becomes imperative.

Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

When considering the acquisition of commercial real estate, conducting a property survey emerges as a crucial step during the due diligence phase. This survey not only furnishes a detailed insight into the property's boundaries and land size but also highlights any encroachments that could potentially impact the purchase decision. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of these elements at an early stage, prospective buyers can effectively mitigate legal challenges and guarantee that their investment remains secure and profitable in the long run.

Refinancing a Commercial Mortgage

Banks and financial institutions commonly request a current property survey as part of the process for approving a refinance application for a commercial mortgage. This survey serves the critical purpose of verifying that the property's assessed value corresponds appropriately to the loan amount sought. It also confirms that no alterations or developments have occurred that might adversely affect the property's value or functionality, providing assurance to lenders and borrowers alike.

Developing or Improving a Commercial Property

Before any development or improvement work commences on a commercial site, a property survey is crucial to ensure compliance with local zoning laws, building codes, and regulations. It aids in planning construction projects by identifying topographical features, easements, and utilities, ensuring that development proceeds smoothly and legally.

Resolving Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes with neighboring properties often stem from misunderstandings or inaccuracies found in outdated surveys that fail to reflect the current property landscape accurately. With a comprehensive commercial property survey, property lines can be definitively established, offering a clear resolution to potential disputes in a friendly manner or providing crucial evidence in legal proceedings.

Splitting or Combining Properties

When a commercial property is being divided into smaller lots or combined with another property, a detailed survey is necessary to legally document the changes. This process ensures that each new or modified parcel meets local zoning requirements and that the division or combination is recorded accurately in public records.

Commercial property surveys are more than just routine checks; they are critical tools that safeguard investments, guide development projects, and resolve legal issues. Contact a company like Community Sciences Corporation to learn more. 


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