Commercial Foundation Problems That Warrant An Immediate Inspection And Repair From Professionals

Posted on: 15 May 2023

One of the more severe problems that can happen to commercial property over time is damage to the foundation. If these signs are present with your property's foundation, make sure you schedule an appointment with a foundation repair company immediately.

Foundation Starts to Sink

Some commercial property foundations are so old and damaged that they begin to sink. This isn't an issue you can leave alone because of how much it can affect your property. For instance, it can damage doors and windows that are in your commercial building.

You need to hire a foundation repair company fast for this problem. They'll see why the foundation has begun to sink, which usually has to do with poor drainage. The repair company can then raise the foundation back up and keep it at the right level with industry-proven solutions, such as lift systems. 

Pipes Begin to Burst

If you have pipes that begin to burst and it's not because of their age, then it could be a foundation issue. The foundation may have shifted so much that the pipes experienced too much pressure and then burst without warning.

You need to quickly hire a foundation repair company to fix this issue before more piping around your commercial property gets damaged. They can see why the foundation failed and then restore problem areas so that you can avoid similar problems in the future. They can recommend plumbers too to fix piping that is damaged from the foundation-related issue.

Many Exterior Cracks Start to Form

Probably the easiest way to tell something is wrong with your commercial property's foundation is if you see a bunch of exterior cracks starting to form on the siding. These cracks can form when the foundation sinks or when it shifts. Either way, you need to hire an experienced foundation repair company to provide a formal inspection.

In addition to fixing the foundation issue, they can seal cracks that have formed so that they don't get bigger and don't hurt your commercial property's curb appeal anymore. A foundation repair company can respond quickly too with emergency repair services so that you can prevent your company's reputation from taking a hit because of these cracks. 

There may be foundation problems you have to face as a commercial property owner. Some will be minor and others will be pretty severe. As long as you respond quickly by hiring a repair company, you can keep these foundation problems from getting worse and costing you more money. 

Reach out to local commercial foundation repair contractors to learn more.


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