Have A Bare-Bones Kitchen? Spice It Up With Remodeling Services

Posted on: 6 February 2023

A bare-bones kitchen will have everything you need on a basic level. However, while you may like your kitchen, you may know it lacks in multiple ways. A reliable solution is to hire remodelers who can transform the space from a bare-bones kitchen into a feature-rich one.

Walk-In Pantry

While you can spice up your kitchen with various features, you will gain a ton of value from a walk-in pantry. A major advantage of adding a walk-in pantry is that you can walk into the space and see all your stored items in every direction. For instance, you will likely find it faster and easier to find the things you need when using a walk-in pantry over floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

A walk-in pantry is an excellent place to add other features to boost satisfaction. You can add a countertop and electrical outlets for small appliances. This combination allows you to use cooking tools without cluttering other kitchen areas. A countertop can also function as a holding place when gathering ingredients for a meal.

Custom Island

A custom island is worth building because you can add features and qualities from which your family will appreciate and benefit. For instance, a great example is adding a second sink to use one sink for cleaning and the other for cooking. This setup makes it easier to fill up a pot of water or rinse fruits and vegetables when you have dirty dishes in the sink.

Currently, you may use a cooktop facing a wall, making it difficult to socialize with family and friends in the kitchen. Move your cooktop to a kitchen island, so you can look at people sitting at the island or spending time in the kitchen without turning around.


While it may be a simple addition, you can gain a ton of value from installing a dishwasher. This feature will save you many hours when it comes to washing dishes. Also, you can replace dishes, utensils, pots, and pans with dishwasher-safe ones to save even more time.

When you have a decent-sized family, you will find it worth investing in a full-sized dishwasher over a compact one to fit an entire meal's worth of dishes inside.

Using a bare-bones kitchen for months or years can make you want more. So, you can spice up this room by hiring a remodeling company and working on these projects.

For more information about kitchen remodeling, contact a local company.


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