3 Places To Use Wide Plank Hardwood In Your Home

Posted on: 6 February 2023

While it's important to spend time assessing the many different colors of hardwood flooring that are available before you decide which one will be best for your home, the width of each plank is also something to think about. As you browse the different hardwood products on the market, it will quickly become clear to you that this type of flooring is available in several widths. Many flooring suppliers carry a sizable selection of wide plank flooring. It can vary in width between products, but it stands out from other hardwood types because it's noticeably wider. Here are three places to use wide plank flooring in your home.

Living Room

In most homes, the living room is one of the largest spaces — if not the largest by a good margin. Wide plank hardwood flooring often works well in large places because of its appearance. If you were to use conventional hardwood, you'd have a large number of lines running across the floor because of the narrow width of these planks. When you choose a wide plank instead, you'll have far fewer lines because there will be fewer individual planks. The result is a clean look that doesn't have a distracting or busy appearance in this important area of your home.


Hallways can be another good area to rely on wide plank hardwood. Depending on the width of the hallway and the width of the flooring, you may only need a few individual planks to fill the space between the walls. This will result in a clean look that helps the hallway to feel spacious, rather than cramped. Narrow hardwood flooring would result in many lines running down the length of the hall which could be visually distracting.


While there are a few different flooring types that can be suitable for use in the foyer of your home, many people gravitate toward hardwood in this area. The visual warmth that it offers can be immediately appealing when guests step through the front door. Narrow hardwood can create visual clutter in this area, which isn't a feeling you want to create for people as they arrive. By using wide plank hardwood, you create an open look. Creating this open feel is especially important if this part of your home isn't brightly lit — for example, if it's lacking windows. Learn more about wide plank flooring in all sorts of widths by contacting a hardwood flooring supplier such as New York Hardwood Floors.


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