Need New Gutters? Pros And Cons Of Choosing Aluminum

Posted on: 22 December 2022

Gutters are very important to protect your foundation, siding, and roof from water damage. If your current gutters are in poor condition, then it is smart to have them replaced. But what gutter material should you choose? Aluminum gutters are a popular option, and they work well for many homeowners. However, along with their upsides, they do have a few minor cons that are important to be aware of. Here are the major pros and cons of aluminum gutters.

Pro: They're inexpensive

Aluminum gutters are one of the cheapest types of gutters you can have installed. They cost less than steel gutters and significantly less than seamless gutters. If you're on a budget, choosing aluminum gutters could allow you to have your gutters installed sooner, which is ultimately better for your home.

Con: Aluminum gutters may dent

Aluminum is not the hardest of metals. If something like a tree branch strikes or falls on your gutter, it will dent or bend. It can generally be straightened out again, but this does take time. 

Pro: Aluminum gutters don't rust

Aluminum does eventually corrode, but this is a very slow process and is much less worrisome than rusting. Since gutters stay wet for much of the time they are on your home, it is good to choose ones that won't rust when exposed to water. Not only will they stay stronger and avoid developing holes, but they'll look better throughout their lifespan.

Con: Aluminum gutters will eventually need repainting

Aluminum gutters are painted to give them color. This is not like vinyl gutters, which have color extending through the material. As such, if your aluminum gutters start losing paint, which they eventually will, you will need to repaint them or have them painted to refresh their look. 

Pro: Aluminum gutters are easy to install

Installers can typically work faster with aluminum gutters than with other materials. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, aluminum is very lightweight. It is easy for installers to lift and hold in place. Aluminum is also easy to cut and bend, so it can be custom-fit to your home quite easily.

Consider the pros and cons above as you decide whether to have aluminum gutters installed on your home. Talk to a company that installs these gutters, too. They may be able to offer some more insights into the nuances of installation and longevity.

Contact a company that offers aluminum gutter installation to learn more.


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