Have A Lot Of River Rocks? Put Them To Good Use In Your Landscaping

Posted on: 23 November 2022

If you find yourself with a lot of river rocks and do not know what to do with them, use them for landscaping. You may be surprised at the many ways you can do this. Keep reading so you will put your river rocks to good use. 

Create a Beautiful Path

Having a path in your yard is beneficial no matter where you put it. If you do not have a path that leads to your entry door, this is one place you should consider placing it. A path that leads to a patio or to a pool area also works well. 

To create a path with river rock, mark out the area where you are going to place it using stakes. You then need to remove all vegetation until you only have soil. Dig several inches deep and remove the soil. Dig a border around the path in order to install the edging when you are finished. The edging holds the river rocks in place. You can purchase a variety of edging to do this, such as wood timbers and flexible edging, and you can even put a concrete edging. Anything will work as long as it is deep enough to be secure and hold the rocks in place. 

Make sure the ground is level and then place stepping stones along the pathway. Once the stepping stones are in place, place the river rocks in the spacing around the stones. If you do not want to use stepping stones lay a few inches of river rock on the path. You will hear a satisfying crunching sound when you walk along the pathway. 

Make an Edging

River rocks can also be used as edging. If you have flower gardens, put a river rock edging around them. This will prevent grass from growing into the flower garden saving you a lot of time. An edging around a flower garden also makes it look much nicer. You could create a simple garden in your yard digging the soil, planting the flowers, and then putting a river rock edging around it. 

If you have a driveway, put an edging along the sides. To do this, dig a trench on each side of the driveway that is a few inches deep. Place the river rocks in the trench and press them down until they are secure. This is beneficial as river rocks will prevent grass and other vegetation from growing next to the driveway. 

If you have a lot of trees in your yard you can spread river rocks around them to add beauty to your landscaping. Water easily seeps through river rocks, so you do not have to worry about this smothering your trees. 

Talk with a landscape contractor about other ways you can use your river rocks.


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