Common Post-Hurricane Roof Repairs

Posted on: 3 August 2022

It's no secret that hurricanes are hard on roofs. After a hurricane, people everywhere call roof repair companies to have their roofs fixed. But what sort of repairs are those roofers actually making? Take a look.

Shingle or Tile Replacements

This is likely the most common repair made after hurricanes. Shingles get lifted off of roofs, often by high winds. Tiles can become cracked when branches fall on them. This is not as immediate an issue as missing shingles, but the tiles do need to be replaced before too much water seeps underneath them. A roof replacement company will try to find shingles or tiles that match your current ones. If you have some extras left over from when your roof was last replaced, your roofer can likely use those materials.

Gutter Replacement

Gutters are an important accessory component of the roof. They are meant to catch water that runs off the roof and funnel it away from the home. Gutters can easily be bent in a hurricane. They may also become disconnected from the roof and start hanging down. All of these issues mean that the next time a storm or some rain rolls in, the gutters won't be able to do their job. So, a roof replacement company will either put them back in place or replace them.

Cracked Roof Deck

The roof deck is the base of the roof that lies beneath the shingles. It is made from wood. If a heavy tree or another heavy item lands on the roof, which is not unheard of during a hurricane, it may crack the roof deck in the process. This is a major thing to repair, but roofers can handle it. They will need to strip the shingles or tiles off the roof to expose the damaged roof deck, replace the damaged part of the deck, and then put the covering roof materials back on. 

Because repairing a cracked roof deck is such extensive work, some roofers will simply recommend replacing your roof when this damage occurs. Doing so may come at a similar cost as repairing the roof deck, and you get a whole new roof.

If your home recently went through a hurricane, make sure you have a roofer come look it over. It might be fine, but it also might need some of the repairs described above. It's best to let a professional look and make that judgment.  

For more information, contact a local roof repair contractor. 


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