2 Signs You Should Have Your Home's Seawall Inspected By A Professional Service

Posted on: 4 April 2022

After moving into a new house located near a body of water, you may have noticed that the property has a seawall to protect it against flooding. At first glance, the structure of the wall may appear sound, so you may not consider that there could be any issues with it.

However, there are tell-tale signs that typically indicate structural damage bad enough that it could cause the wall to fail. Below are a couple of signs that there could be issues and that it is time to have a professional service send someone to inspect the seawall.

1.  Soil Behind the Seawall Is Either Pitting or Pulling away from the Structure

When trying to determine whether or not your property's seawall is still structurally sound, one of the first signs for which you should look can be found by examining the soil behind it. Normally, the soil is packed flush against the side of the wall with the surface of the ground being even, providing a secondary barrier to water past the wall.

However, if water is seeping in through the wall, the soil will start to pull away from the structure. You may also see pitting on the surface of the ground, which is caused by groundwater softening the soil and causing small areas of collapse. If water were to flood the area, the soil would no longer serve as an effective secondary barrier. 

2.  Cracks Start to Form in the Surface of Any Part of the Wall

Another sign that could indicate severe structural damage is the presence of surface cracks on any part of the wall. These cracks could serve as a possible sign of a couple of issues.

First, the cracks could be an indicator that the wall is starting to absorb the moisture it is constantly subjected to. When the water is absorbed, the structure starts to swell, creating cracks.

Second, the wall could be shifting, which could mean that its base is starting to deteriorate. Either way, the strength of the wall has been adversely affected.

When the seawall on your home's property starts cracking or the soil begins to pit or pull away from the wall, there could be severe structural damage that could result in the failure of the wall when you need it the most. Before the structure fails because of unseen issues, have a contractor who offers seawall inspection services thoroughly look at the wall so that they can pinpoint potential problem areas so that you can plan out what to do to fix them.

For more information on seawall inspection, contact a professional near you.


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