Should You Contact An Expert In Storm Drain Cleaning? Know Why It's A Good Idea

Posted on: 13 September 2021

Most homeowners install storm drains to make stormwater management more effective. These drains are usually designed to remove excess groundwater or rainwater from the walking paths, sidewalks, parking lots, and other pavements. However, it's good to note that these drains can get clogged and become inefficient. Some of the things that might clog them include paints, sediments, debris, detergents, and fertilizers. Other culprits include animal waste, pesticides, mineral deposits, grease and oil, and solvents and cleaners. When these substances clog your storm drains, you need to contact a professional in storm drain cleaning for the following reasons.

It Prevents Foundation Damage

Storm drains aren't just designed to collect water, but they also direct it away from your property or home. So when you don't clean them regularly, twigs, leaves, and other debris end up clogging the drain openings. When this happens, particularly during the storm or rainy weather, you will experience flooding on your property. The runoff will find its way into the foundation, causing a lot of damage. Fortunately, the floodwater will not be trapped inside the basement or even seep under the walls when the drains are clean. With clean drains, the rushing water won't cause the foundation to shift or compromise its structural integrity in any way.

You Avoid Rodent Issues

No one wants to share their roof with rodents, but it sometimes happens. Various things such as wet ground and garbage can easily attract rodents to your home. If your drains are usually unclean or clogged, rodents will invade them and eventually become a huge menace. Nonetheless, you deny these critters a chance to nest in the drains when you get storm drain cleaning services in good time. If the sewer lines, roofing ventilation, and air vents have little openings, the professionals will seal them as they clean the drains. By so doing, you will effectively keep rodents away.

You Keep The Awful Smell Away

Storm drains that get clogged with debris more often will release a bad smell. This happens because the water flows slowly, allowing the debris and other pollutants in the drains to decompose. When this happens, an awful smell will emanate from the drains and spread throughout your home. You may use sprays or perfumes to neutralize the odor, but they won't solve the problem. Instead, you should hire storm drain cleaning experts because they completely remove the blockages and debris responsible for the offensive odor. 

If you have some storm drains in your home, ensure they are always clean. Clogged drains are inefficient, unhealthy, and unsafe for you and your family. So ensure you regularly clean them to avoid unnecessary blockages and clogs that could cost you more later.


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