4 Steps for Repairing Stucco Exterior

Posted on: 15 September 2020

If your home has a stucco siding and you have parts of the siding that have broken down, take some time to repair that stucco siding to keep your home looking as nice as possible. When it comes to repairing stucco, there are a few important steps you will have to go through.

Step #1: Mix the Stucco

The first thing you will do is mix the stucco. When you mix the stucco, you may likely need to add coloring pigment to the mixture in order to get the new stucco to match the color on your home. Stucco tends to change color naturally over time, so you will need to add coloring pigment to ensure that the colors match. You can also just paint over the patched area as well if you have painted your stucco instead of sticking to the natural color of the substance.

Step #2: Apply a Scratch Coat

After the stucco is mixed, you will apply an initial coat using a finishing trowel. Be sure to chip away any loose material before you apply the wet mixture. Take the trowel you used to apply the wet mixture and turn it on the side and use the notched sides to make grooves in the mixture. These grooves provide the texture that will allow the other coats you apply to stick in place. This coat should dry for at least a day.

Step #3: Apply a Brown Coat

After the scratch coat has dried for a day, gently wet the coating. The best way to wet the coating without saturating it is to use a sponge. This will help the new coat stick in place. With this coat, make sure the mixture is even. You may even want to use a leveler to make sure the surface is flat.

Step #4: Apply a Finish Coat

Finally, after the brown coat dries, it's time to apply the final coat. The final coat will be nice and thick and should be applied as evenly as possible as well. At this point, you can add texture to the stucco, typically with a sponge. After everything dries, if you have painted your home, you can now paint the new stucco patch.

You don't have to fix your stucco all on your own. You can hire a stucco repair service to take care of this job for you. They will have the experience to fix your house and get it looking great in very little time.


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