Gutter Covers Solve A Lot Of Problems

Posted on: 7 August 2020

Why would you install gutter covers? It is true that gutter covers are designed to keep debris out of your gutters, but in doing so, they actually prevent or solve a whole lot of other problems that homeowners often deal with because of their clogged gutters. What are those problems? Take a look.

Streaks on your siding.

Does your vinyl siding have streaks running down it vertically? Chances are, these streaks are from dirty water always running down the side of your home after it flows out over the top of your gutters rather than down the clogged downspout. Gutter covers will keep your gutters clear, so the water goes where it is supposed to and does not leave any more nasty, ugly streaks on the siding.

Moisture in your basement.

There are many possible causes of moisture in the basement. If your moisture is coming from a leaky pipe, then putting covers on your gutters obviously won't solve the problem. But the moisture in your basement might be coming from that same water that flows over the top of your clogged gutters, then down the side of your house, and then through any cracks in your foundation. If your gutters remain clear and direct the water away from your foundation, as they should, then you will probably notice that your basement dries out in the coming months.

Displaced mulch.

Have you wondered why your mulch always seems to get washed down your flower beds and onto their edges? Your clogged gutters could be at fault for this one, too! All that water tumbling straight down onto the garden beds can create tiny rivers that rinse the mulch down to the edge of the beds. Install gutter covers, and you won't find yourself having to shuffle the mulch back into place every couple of weeks.

Roof damage.

When your gutters don't flow well, your roof suffers. Specifically, you often start to see shingle damage along the edge of the roof. This can be costly to repair, and it can lead to roof leaks in the meantime. Gutter covers are definitely cheaper than a new roof!

Installing gutter covers is one of the smartest things you can do for your home. This one measure will help protect your foundation, your garden beds, your roof, and your siding. Contact a gutter company in your area that installs gutter covers to learn more.


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