Preventing Problems With Your Home's Septic Tank

Posted on: 27 July 2020

Septic tank maintenance can be one of the least understood aspects of maintaining and owning a home. However, individuals do not have to let this lack of familiarity expose them to a greater risk of encountering plumbing problems as it can be fairly simple for a homeowner to learn enough about these systems to avoid major problems.

Why Does Solid Material Gradually Accumulate In The Septic Tank?

While the septic tank will be designed to break down the solid materials that enter it, there will be some materials that will fail to break down. These substances will gradually start to gather along the bottom of the septic tank, and this can eventually cause the tank to start to fill up. As more of these materials accumulate, they can lead to the septic system becoming too clogged for water to be able to move through. Having the septic tank cleaned every few years will remove these accumulations before they are able to cause these problems. Furthermore, making sure to only put biodegradable materials down the drain will help with slowing the rate at which these accumulations gather.  

Will Using Septic Tank Additives Take The Place Of A Professional Septic Tank Cleaning?

There are septic tank additives that can help to improve the ability of a system to breakdown solid materials that enter it. These products work by increasing the amount of bacteria in the tank s tat solid materials will be broken down more quickly. However, they can not take the place of a professional cleaning service. Once materials have collected along the bottom of the septic tank, these additives may not be effective at breaking them down as they may not be able to reach the solid waste that is covered by other debris or waste.

How Long Will Your Plumbing Be Disrupted By The Septic Tank Cleaning?

During the process of cleaning the septic tank, your home's plumbing system will not be operational as the water must be turned off. Luckily, a professional septic tank cleaning service will have equipment that can rapidly empty this tank and remove any solid waste along the bottom of it. Generally, an average-sized septic tank may only need a couple of hours to be prepped cleaned and sealed. This will greatly limit the amount of disruption that you must experience in order to keep the septic tank system working as intended. Generally, the time needed to clean a septic tank will be far less than what is needed to repair or replace this system.

If you are in need of a septic tank cleaning service, contact a professional near you.


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