River Rock Upgrades For Commercial Or Residential Property

Posted on: 29 June 2020

River rock is naturally found in streams or along beaches and is noted for its smooth texture, which is a result of running water repeatedly running over a series of rocks. You can purchase this material from many landscaping outfitters and utilize it to put the finishing touches on a construction project. The rocks require little maintenance and will add a pop of color, improved drainage, or erosion blockage to a commercial or a residential piece of property.

A Faux Water Feature

River rocks can be many colors, ranging from white to a deep brown. In the middle of the spectrum, there are light blue or greyish hues, which could be representative of a body of water, if a few layers of rocks are laid down evenly. For instance, if grass seed was planted along a hilly section of a piece of land and you would like to create the illusion of a small pond or stream that is adjacent to to the grassy knoll, purchase some river rocks that are a shade of blue and lay them out along a barren section of the ground.

Form an irregular shape, to replicate a natural body of water. Place river rocks side-by side and add one layer at a time. After several layers have been installed, set up some LED flood lighting next to the rock formation or use a wishing well, a wooden bridge, or another decorative feature to enhance the series of rocks.

A Blocked Color Pattern

When sections of rocks are installed inside of a flower bed and each group of rocks is a different color, you can create a blocked pattern that will complement the colors of the flowers, instantly drawing attention to the feature. Purchase river rocks that encompass a range of colors and come up with a color scheme that will be pleasing to the eyes. Use a measuring tape to aid in creating rock sections that are equal in width and length. Use a shovel to transfer rocks to the flowerbed and use your hands to spread out the landscaping materials.

A Drainage And Erosion Blocking Setup

If the construction project utilized a standard gutter system, yet you have concern about the possibility of rainwater pooling on the property, due to the fact that the property isn't level in some areas, use river rocks to improve drainage capabilities and to prevent erosion from occurring. Rocks can be laid out along next to the gutter system's downspout or along any portion of the property that is of concern. Use river rocks that are the same color, to provide the drainage and erosion areas with uniformity.


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